Italy: Retailers to preorder Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition from

If you happen to be shopping for Crash goodies from Italy, good news, there are two retailers ready to serve you, because Crash Edition for Skylanders Imaginators is now available to be preordered via Amazon, GameStop, Gamelife, Multiplayer, and Gamepeople. Skylanders Imaginators is coming October 13th of this year alongside the Crash Edition, so if you preordered it, get ready for Crash’s first foray in the PlayStation 4 (and PS3 for an HD appearance).

Crash Edition in Europe (Except UK) costs €99.99 (Some retailers have discounts), a little pricier than the US counterpart. Preorder Crash Edition from those following retailers in Italy:

Amazon: PlayStation 4 – GameStop: PlayStation 4

Gamelife: PlayStation 4 – Multiplayer: PlayStation 4

Gamepeople: PlayStation 4


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