Plane CRASHED on Wumpa Island by MegaBeluga

Get it now from: TeeRepublicRedBubble

In the days of AAA massive open-world/mature games, platformers are seeing a resurge in addition to shooter-oriented ones like Ratchet & Clank, we see games like Yooka-Laylee gaining ground to more demand and fanfare and we got ours as well, with a remake (Remastered) and guest starring in Skylanders, which were both announced at one of Sony’s best E3 (2016) shows following the grand trio of E3 2015. So, how about embracing both mature and more light-hearted universes together?

It’s well known that Naughty Dog created Crash and Drake in respectively separate franchises with drastically different themes and storylines but, people always kept saying that the Uncharted franchise is like a homage to the Crash franchise, while not completely true in an official essence, it is certainly agreeable and it shows. (Mini-Game [SPOILER], Trailer, you name it)

So, how about combining the two together in a cool shirt by MegaBeluga, making you look cool with two franchises together. You can get it from TeeRepublic (Discount up to 30% off), and RedBubble as well. ($14 – $30)

Original Graphic provided by MegaBeluga via Tumblr


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