Help Josh Mancell get in contact with Activision to help shape Remastered OST!


In light of recent announcements for Crash’s comeback, people have wondered what could improve the Remastered game, from gameplay changes, to music and so on.

But, some people are not involved due to not being contacted by Activision, and we wonder “why”, if you want to help change that, and let Josh Mancell get some of his pre-console high quality tracks from the original game (example: xp2 demo) into the Crash Bandicoot Remastered game coming in 2017, help us spread the word on social media to Activision to let Josh get in contact with Vicarious Visions to help shape the upcoming remake that will redefine the width of beauty that is the original trilogy in an new way!

Original Post (via Crystal’s Wrath video) – Josh Mancell’s Facebook postSoundcloud

Retweet these tweets (Pat, BroughtBackCrash) – Comment/Share this Facebook post

If you have a Instagram account, also post a tagged post with at least one or two tags:

#JoshMancell, #Activision, #CrashBandicoot, #CrashBandicoot20th

And most importantly, don’t stop, he’s counting on us!

Copied post from Facebook by Josh Mancell:

Thank you thank you thank you for all the proactive support of the original mixes of the Crash Bandicoot music. Some progress has been made in terms of gathering information about the upcoming remastered CB trilogy. I can’t get too specific but if there was ever a time to let the decision makers know what the fans want, it’s now! All positive comments and shout outs are welcome both here and especially on Soundcloud. Endless gratitude to all of you


2 thoughts on “Help Josh Mancell get in contact with Activision to help shape Remastered OST!

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