Sony is definitely involved (partly) with Activision on Remastered


We all saw it, we all predicted it coming-forth, and now we got to know more about it. On June 13, we got the announcement that Activision and Sony are working together to bring back Crash via “Crash Bandicoot Remastered” of the original trilogy (Crash, Crash 2, Crash Warped) in addition to Crash being a guest star in Skylanders Imaginators in a special Crash Edition pack with the usual Skylanders stuff plus: Crash figure and his own Wumpa (N. Sanity) Island for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (Playable on all versions of Imaginators).

But, what is confusing to some is, what does the Sony and Activision deal imply? Does it mean that Sony is helping shape up the remake, or are they just pushing Activision and partly overlooking the development of the remaster?

(Crash Mania also has a scope about Crash Bandicoot Remastered, check it out!)

IMG_4012.PNGUpdate: Another bit from Vicarious VisionsPlayStation Blog post confirming that the terms “Remasters” and “Remakes” are interchangeable in this situation that “Crash Bandicoot Remastered” is indeed a “Remake from the ground up”, just getting the word out since some people are still debating whether it’s a enhanced port of the original 3 games or a remake of them.

Update 2: I do see that David or Leo have backtracked and claimed that Remastered is “not a remake at all”.. We will see.

For now, let’s get one thing out of the way, Crash Bandicoot Remastered is not an enhanced HD collection, don’t listen to those who keep insisting on that, Crash Bandicoot Remastered is a remake of the original trilogy “from the ground up”, as Shawn Layden officially clarifies in the E3 announcement. Another proof of this is coming from two sources:

A portfolio director from PlayStation has confirmed (tweet removed unfortunately) that Sony was the one who suggested and pushed Activision into asking Vicarious Visions for the Remaster*, due to demands from fans like us since 2013/2014 regarding why Crash is still with Activision and why are they silent about it.

*However, Sony as a publisher and partner is not involved in actual game development of the remake in anyway, we will get more confirmation later on

Nerd Leaks has confirmed a month prior to the announcement that Activision is remaking the trilogy and has started in early 2015, maybe even as back as 2014 (as BruceLeeRoy implied in his hints)

Adam Boyes’ tweet (and well, the others in the Sony wing) also support the theory and reconfirmation that Sony has a hand in this Remastered project

I haven’t contacted any of the Vicarious Visions yet to clarify 100% if the Remastered project is a full-on remake, but I am assured by many others that it is the case, and is probably the reason why it wasn’t shown yet (still being developed, not ready to be shown), most people like me are predicating that Sony/Activision will be able to show off the Remake in its fully glory on Playstation Experience 2016, even with ideas and theories that we could get a glimpse earlier than that.

In summary, we can conclude the following:

  • Sony is involved in the project (though not its development) with Activision due to fan demand since 2013, and backlash against Activision for being a tad silent about the matter
  • The Remastered Trilogy is a full-on remake, confirmed by multiple sources, directly from Sony’s portfolio manager and Nerd Leaks and BruceLeeRoy, who have been very helpful with us going forward with Crash’s new era
  • We could see the gameplay for Remastered fully at PlayStation Experience 2016 (on December), though we might get to see some things about the Remastered earlier than that

We will get more information about the Remastered (Remake) trilogy game as time goes on, stay tuned.


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