[RUMOR TIME] Crash Bandicoot Remastered has 3 Different SKUs?


Whoops, looks like the rumors are getting out of hand this time, we have yet another rumor (take this one with a grain of salt) from a person working indirectly on Crash Bandicoot Remastered who is known to Infinitemadness, suggesting that 3 separate SKUs (More than PS4) instead of one SKU (PS4 Exclusive), although this could have been changed in the process, here’s what he has said about the matter:

I mentioned in other threads this was happening but had to pretend I was speculating before this announcement, so can’t say I called it. The shocking part was Sony saying “they’re teaming up with Activision.” Teaming up on what? I have no idea, but don’t be surprised if these remakes appear on other consoles.
Didn’t hear about exclusivity. Someone I know working on this (not development or at Activision) told me they were budgeting for 3 SKUs and not one. Granted, this was a month or two ago. Deals change all the time. Regardless, will play and get the skylander crash toy if made available solo.
Source: NeoGAF (Part 1Part 2)

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