[OPINION] Crash in Skylanders Imaginators: How Can He Work in the Game?

This E3 we got the announcement that Crash Bandicoot is back! Remastered Collection of the original games being hemmed by the great team at Vicarious Visions and that same studio working hard on bring the orange Bandicoot to the world of Skylanders. With Crash in Skylanders, how is he going to work in Imaginators and is his inclusion a good choice on Activision’s and Sony’s part?

Spinning into a Rumble!

Crash comes into Skylands looking very close to his look in the PS1 titles. Everything from his cartoony expressions, the death animations, and some very small details like Crash wearing his brown gloves & having textured sneakers. He LOOKS like Crash, and he sounds like him too, with Jess Harnell coming back to voice Crash’s grunts and whatnot.

Crash doesn’t really speak though, with Aku Aku outright saying he will be Crash’s translator and in Skylanders Imaginators, will help you make your own Skylanders using Crash’s abilities.

And something else should be noted; Crash’s inclusion in Imaginators also includes a fully featured level set on the Wampa Islands from the Crash series. This never happened with other Skylander games when Bowser and DK took their stroll last year. Activision owns the Crash IP, so it makes since they would have a whole level you can play. Still, this was a nice surprise to hear about and considering Vicarious Visions might be designing this level, it could be a hint as to what the Crash Remaster may look like.

Crash’s moveset is faithful to past games too, with him having his iconic spin attack, slide kick, belly flop and even abilities from Crash 2 and 3 like the Jet Pack & Wampa Fruit Bazooka when you level him up. Crash’s Sensi move (one all Sensi-class Skylanders has) is his iconic Yo-Yo, being able to pull in foes and spinning into them for max damage.

One very unique thing to Crash is his ability to come back after dying; you have a life system for Crash, paying tribute to his original games. And that comes with his death animations, with Toys for Bob & Vicarious Visions saying he has many of them in Skylanders.

Crash even has a story reasoning for being in Imaginators; Aku Aku visits Skylands to announce a celebration but the Skylanders say they cannot go due to conflict with Kaos. Crash jumps through the portal and with Aku Aku on his side, they help out the Skylanders take out Kaos. Again, this didn’t happen with DK and Bowser, as they just ‘popped up’ in Skylands for no real reason, showing the level of care they put into Crash’s inclusion.

This sucks, I want the new game NOW!

I can understand the frustration, as we have been teased a new Crash game for the past two or so years and it amounting to remasters coming next year & the game many feel killed Spyro now having Crash in it can annoy people.


The main fear people have is that Crash in Skylanders equals Crash stuck in the game, but it should be noted that unlike Spyro, Crash is a guest character to the series. While his figure will work with new games after this one, he can still appear in other titles in the future. Same can be said for Spyro too, as Activision owns the Spyro IP just like Crash and can do as they please with it.

Another fear is Crash’s design being off, as many did not enjoy Spyro’s redesign. But after hearing how much Vicarious Visions researched from archives and past work they did with the series when bring Crash to Skylanders, one shouldn’t worry so much. Crash looks very close to his PS1 design and promotional art work.

Can this help Crash be big, more so with new games coming?

I think it can, as the Skylanders series is one of the best selling kid-friendly titles on the market. Many parents and children love the Skylanders series and the series getting a new TV show is going to help give the brand more exposure in the future.

Crash being part of this world can do ALOT to help spread the brand to newer generations, as the upcoming remasters will help the older generations remember Crash again & give the series another shot or remember the great memories they had visiting N. Sanity Island all those years ago.

What is next for the Orange Bandicoot?

A lot is coming for Crash the next few years, with new games next year though the iconic originals getting the HD treatment on PS4 and Crash spinning through Skylands this Fall. I am very excited to see Crash back in the spotlight again. Skylanders is a stepping stone for greater things for the Crash IP and I hope many of you consider giving this new Skylanders game a shot now that our orange friend is visiting its world.


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