BrandWatch: Crash Bandicoot in Top 10 of E3 2016 Reactions


After the long wait, we got the big announcement, and then now, we see the reality of how much buzz it garnered. Well, good news, Crash Bandicoot is in the top 10 of overall social media reactions, and made a big impression in Sony’s conference, according to BrandWatch!

But please note that BrandWatch’s overall results are sampled and may have been done with statistical error or bias, sometimes not taking into account some things.

Summary of the results overall and separately for Sony’s conference:

  • Crash Bandicoot is number 7, topping Spiderman by a few more mentions online but both with 25K number of mentions!
  • At Sony’s Conference, Crash Bandicoot made a big impression after the borefest that is CoD4 Remastered Trailer (CoD Infinite Warfare was intriguing)
    • Last in Top 10 talked about moments in the conference
    • Number 3 in conference-related spikes, only behind RE7 and TLG (!!!)
    • Crash Bandicoot got 12% of the most talked about moments in the conference, only coming second to VR Games and RE7

These results do not even include the Skylanders Imaginators numbers, which were low due to the game being already announced.

Source: BrandWatch

Gallery of the overall results:


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