More Crash in Skylanders Imaginators information (Vicarious Visions)


Vicarious Visions was announced to be the developer behind the announced Crash Bandicoot Remastered/Remake Collection, so its only fitting they were heavily involved in his implementation in the Skylanders series. They worked on the series for a long time and produced Swap Force and SuperChargers, both of which are very solid and fun action/platformers.

Vicarious Visions has a long history with Crash and our office is full of hardcore fans. When we were given the opportunity to bring Crash Bandicoot to Skylands, we knew we’d need to really deliver on a true Crash experience. It was no easy task, but I’m happy to say we’re extremely proud of the version of Crash we’ve brought to life. We’ve maintained Crash’s unique and quirky personality and his, y’know, innate Wumpa-ness, as both a 3D character and a new toy.

They took full control in bringing him into the series and they were heavily inspired by original PS1 designs, core gameplay elements from past Crash titles and wanted to be faithful to the character after past experience working with the IP.

They also broke down his moveset in the game and will share their comments on that below. Overall, it sounds very close to how I imagine Crash working in Skylanders and was great to see happen.


  • No Crash game would be complete without these ubiquitous wooden boxes. Jump on the TNT Crates to blow them up, or collect the Bazooka Crate to get a rocket launcher and jetpack that allows you to attack from high in the air!

The Yo-yo

  • Every Sensei in Skylanders Imaginators has a devastating Sky-Chi attack, their most powerful move. Crash’s Sky-Chi attack is to use his yo-yo to yank his enemies into a
    spin attack!


  • Crash Bandicoot would not be complete without his signature spin attack. Rest assured that we have heard your silent demands and delivered on this classic move.

Life System

  • Anyone who has played a Skylanders game knows that the game uses an RPG-style health meter, while the Crash games have traditionally used a life system. It was important to us that we kept the spirit of that feature while folding Crash into the Skylanders game system.
  • To achieve this, we built a special Life System just for Crash in Skylanders Imaginators. When Crash is defeated in our game, he reappears with an animation inspired from the past Crash games!
  • Not only that, when Crash throws crates around he has a chance of throwing one that holds up an extra life.

Aku Aku

  • Crash doesn’t speak (most of the time) and we wanted to make sure that he communicated in a way that was familiar to fans but wouldn’t confuse new players and soon-to-be new fans!
  • Enter Aku Aku! He provides a voice for our silent Bandicoot when the player needs to communicate with him.
    • Aku Aku has been Crash’s best friend and guide since day one. We would have been remiss if we’d excluded him.
    • As a Sensei, Crash has some special abilities he can impart on player-created Imaginator characters. Aku Aku handles all the voice stuff.
    • Not only that, when Crash is defeated, he is shielded for a short period of time by the wise and wooden Aku Aku!

Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders Imaginators launches on PS4 and PS3 in a special bundle having Crash for a exclusive period of time but the character also works on all versions of the game. More news on this and Vicarious Visions Crash Remakes/Remasters as news develops.


Source: PlayStation Blog


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