Crash Village Goodie – Crash Screensaver [Download]


If you ever went to the official Crash Bandicoot site a few years ago when it was still online, you probably stumbled upon the option to download goodies from the site, which was this (sorta) lost screensaver that a clock when the computer is on and not in use, it used the visual artstyle from Crash: Mind Over Mutant and used crates and wumpas to tell time in a nifty way, each time the time changes, Crash hops down on the minutes numerator (and hours numerator after an hour).

Okay, that’s cool and all, but why all of this explaination for a silly but nifty screensaver?

Well, because a lot of things from the site are lost and felt that some things had to be recovered, and thanks to CrashBPlanet/CrashBCentral, we were able to get you the Windows version of the screensaver (No Mac version yet)

Download links: Windows (Official installer)Flash file


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