Good Blood: Crash Bandicoot – An Icon Decline + Personal Thoughts

Disclaimer: This video contains opinions and critical thoughts by Javed, if you feel few or many things are missing, that’s fine, I am also feeling that as well.

(You can read them after the description of the video)

Written, edited, and animated by Javed Sterritt (

Crash Bandicoot footage captured by Sam Headen (

Music scored by Jonny Higgins (

Critical thoughts/opinions about the video

  • Twinsanity fans are not going to appreciate what he has to say about the slapstick and self-awareness of the game (Twinsanity is one of my favorite Post-ND game)
    • TT nowadays makes some really good LEGO games
  • Video follows the same formula as the Dear SEGA for Sonic video, basing creative essence and problem solving on critical reception and gameplay/design (But thankfully, does not talk about changing up the gameplay)
  • Javed missed the chance on including development information about post-ND games, although includes the ND ones (5 more precious minutes could help)
    • Then again, ND had less-than-stellar games before Crash (Insomniac is guilty as well, who isn’t guilty of this?)
  • Although there are some bits and mits of misinformation, its not as forced as how most people do it (Thankfully)
  • I liked the design and gameplay aspects of explaining the genius design behind Naughty Dog games
    • But it’s sorta missing on why people forget to blame Universal (and Vivendi) for screwing up with all devs Crash ever been developed by, including Naughty Dog (It was like hell)
    • Also, we have to thank them for ushering a slew of amazing people into the play (it’s a long list), without them or without proper talks and negotiations, we wouldn’t even have Crash.
  • Unlike the Dear SEGA video, it lacks the part where Universal didn’t push as much for the marketing after the Sony exclusivity deal (ND)
    • We can also bring Vivendi as a whole into this issue, you can also see that they are about to screw with Ubisoft/Gameloft (ouch)
  • I was the one who authorized (Not written) that new Skylanders article, knowing predicted the backlash of it since I already posted articles dismissing or bashing the idea of Crash in Skylanders
  • Going back to the misconception part, I would like to say that we as a group of fans (with other people more in the professional prestige or job)
    • Helped us tear down the complexity of Crash’s history (Crash’s publisher history)
    • Explain things that were a mystery to us
    • Understand certain things that were vague or confusing to a large group of people (Like the release date of Crash)
    • and so much more.



One thought on “Good Blood: Crash Bandicoot – An Icon Decline + Personal Thoughts

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