[Suspicious] Playstation China posts an “official” history post about Crash Bandicoot

Picture Credit: Japan Times

Note: If you want to read the chinese article directly, click here.

UPDATE: Article has been updated to reflect that Crash Bash is also mention briefly in the PS China post, Thanks Numbuh1234 from TVtropes

Also, the last part of the article contains a big spoiler from Uncharted 4.

Every time I go out somewhere to enjoy the weather with friends/family, and do something interesting for once, something about Crash starts hitting the internet, literally (most of the time).

You’re wondering: “Why didn’t you report on this earlier from the site, why on the Twitter account?” Well, that’s because it would be painful to write articles on the touchscreen of a 5.5 inch smartphone, really inconvenient for such news.

Anyways, before I provide you with a “Google” translated version of the article on this article, I would like to address that their official article skips post-PSX era but does mention one thing: A spoiler in Uncharted 4*, which in my opinion, is a tad strange and suspicious when other division of Playstation globally has ever done things such as tweets, throwbacks, cameos, Shawn wearing a goddamn Crash T-shirt, you name it.. but never did we have a Playstation division do an official Crash Bandicoot history article years after Naughty Dog done making Crash games after CTR (Part of a 4-games deal with Universal Interactive) with Universal handing it to Cerny Games and Eurocom for one PS1 game, “Crash Bash” before TT picks it afterwards.

Thanks to ZhugeEX for tipping us about the articlePat for asking him for the link..

Below is the translated article: (Using Google Translate, if you speak Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) and understand how to translate it into legible English, please talk to us via our official Twitter or Facebook)

The famous Crash Bandicoot (古惑狼), is it your childhood?

  Speaking of the first generation PlayStation games on the platform, we must mention the famous Crash Bandicoot. This cartoon wearing blue pants, bring players countless joy of childhood memories. Crash Bandicoot is a classic series of games, including five first generation PlayStation ad landing platform. The first four as well-known studio making developed by Naughty Dog, popular post-market players and industry praise, as have each sold more than one million, to become the first generation PlayStation platform, one of the best-selling game series.

Crash Bandicoot

Release date: September 9, 1996

Platform: PlayStation early generations

      Starting from the story of a failed experiment, Satan Doctor Neo Cortex attempt to create a number of animal slaves. However, I did not expect was that he built his biggest rival had a Crash- evolution bandicoots. Crash realize Dr. N evil plan to rule the world, he began to save his girlfriend Tawna (a female bandicoot) and the world of adventure.

Crash Bandicoot in the year with a unique visual style and excellent image processing welcomed by the players. The game is set in the fictional Wumpa Islands, there are sea beaches, temples ruins are also full of industrial design castle. Which allows players to relish.

Game levels setup and operation control is also a highlight. Game environment to place a lot of box, there are a variety of items, players by collecting different items, and the ability to get different rewards, or even transferred to the “bonus round.” Crash is the primary capacity jumps and spins through different combinations of operations, perform different tasks.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Release date: October 31, 1997

Platform: PlayStation early generations

      Crash Bandicoot 2’s story can be described as big reversal. Dr. Neo Cortex changed before the evil, bent on saving the world. He forced Crash enter N. Sanity Island collect crystals to protect the planet will not be destroyed. This made Crash’s sister, Coco joined the game, as has questioned the existence of Dr.N true intentions.

After the great success Crash Bandicoot 2 listed, critics and players believe that it is compared with its predecessor, the game screen, handling and music have a full progress.

Game levels vary widely, Crash need to collect 25 crystal, they were in the 25 large levels, each level also contains a large 5 small levels. Whenever five small level is completed, players need to defeat the Boss a little before you can proceed to the next mark.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Release date: October 31, 1998

Platform: PlayStation early generations

     Crash Bandicoot: Warped story revolves around time travel. The main character is still familiar Crash and his sister Coco, they are in a time warp Dr.N kidnapped. This time the protagonists to defeat not only the Dr.N, and his boss Uka Uka.

This made inherited the first two advantages, Crash still good at running, jumping, spin. Game environmental settings broader than the first two, a total of eight spaces (from ancient Egypt to the next), the producer of the best possible environment allows players to play expanded. Moreover Crash’s sister Coco a player can control role. While the game also joined the innovative biplane dogfight with jet skis play.

Crash Team Racing

Release date: September 30, 1999

Platform: PlayStation early generations

      Crash Bandicoot series is different from the first three works, Crash Team Racing is a kart racing game. It is the family’s first Crash Bandicoot racing works. Crash Bandicoot series inherited the storytelling tradition, this made the game protagonists must save the planet by between Nitros Oxide and racing against time. In the game, there are eight people were initially for players to choose, through the game to unlock the final optional number reached 15.
In racing, players can accelerate, turn, reverse, brake, jump or use of weapons. The track will be distributed in a variety of different effects box, players get through the crash boxes, produce different results. Game set five game modes: Adventure, Time Trial, Arcade, Versus and Battle.Especially in campaign mode, allow three to four players simultaneously showdown on a PlayStation.

      In Naughty Dog’s masterpiece has just been launched “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, the protagonist of the game appears to confuse Crash’s surprise eggs, which brought back memories of many players on Crash Bandicoot.


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