Announcement: Robert P. Kellett (RK128) is now an author @ Crashy News!

Crashy News has had a long history of engaging and connecting with the fanbase of Crash Bandicoot, modernizing and introducing people who know or are fans of the series who have been absent or still active to the series in a fresh and cool way, and as someone who owns and writes articles and share things from the fandom at Crashy News, always welcome new and different perspectives of things, even with a little bias (not too far though).

So today, I am humble to announce that a popular poster on GAF, a writer on Press Start AU and a big Crash/Sonic fanatic, Robert P. Kellett (RK128), is now officially an author on Crashy News, focusing on Retrospectives (Categorized under Reviews) and assisting me on some other things (in the future)


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