[Fabricated/Fake] “Cyberpunk Game tweeting out of blue for 1st time since 2013”


Today, it has been brought to my attention that an image of Cyberpunk’s Twitter account is floating around the internet and one place has posted about it, although doubted its legitimacy, didn’t seem to think that the image is fabricated, this image is quite obviously more than a red herring, because it’s quite obvious.

You see, the picture has the tweets count stuck at 51 (and is still at 51), and a username was edited to make it seem legitimate, none of those tweets you see in the picture were made (Mitchell does not tweet like that)..

Even if this fake is quite obvious to a lot of people, some people will think that this is real, so, I’m posting this to warn others who may fall suspect of this fabrication ahead of E3, wait till we get an announcement or something at the conference

Patience, people.

Via: Darren Stewart – Crash, Come back to Sony – Source: Jeuxvideo #1#2


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