C2C: Porting Crash 2 from MIPS to C Language Code (Using PCSX-R) – Chekwob


Remember the editor that I posted about (as a link) that let you modify Crash Bandicoot 2 (1/3 later on) and then run it in an emulator easily? The one made by Chekwob, which was called CrashEdit? Yeah, he has brought something new to the table, called C2C!

He has released a new source code for a disassembler that can be used with PCSX-R (I/O) to convert MIPS machine code of Crash 2 into C Programming Language code so portions of the game can be easily decompiled and mod the game, and maybe add new things never done to the game.


The project also repurposes some of the things PCSX-R inputs/outputs into an external library for easier inspection and modification as well, that includes controlling the game, or having render the game via the emulator, here’s a list of those things:

  • System Control Coprocessor (COP0)
  • Geometry Transformation Engine (COP2)
  • Interrupt System
  • Root Counters (Timers)
  • DMA Controller
  • Graphics Processing Unit (with plugin)
  • Sound Processing Unit (with plugin)
  • CDROM Drive
  • Gamepads (with plugin)


So, I think some of you who want to mod some Crash games, may find this quite interesting, basically, we are moving forward with the modding scene in the Crash Bandicoot community. And you can go to the link below (or above) to get a better look at this project..

Source: Github (Chekwob)



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