SpaceCat teasing a Crash Twinsanity documentary?

CONCEPT18So, it appears that while people in NeoGAF are talking about the spoilery and awesome part of Uncharted 4 got a little too heated in recent days, a concept artist who worked on Twinsanity, nicknamed SpaceCat, replied to BetaM (Beyond Twinsanity owner) about a potential plan to make a documentary of some sort that details unreleased content for the game, and a whole lot more.

Here’s the important part from the reply:

By the way…I was speaking to my fellow Crash Twinsanity developers yesterday, and we were discussing maybe creating a documentary with interviews, and the like, from the development of that game. Would any of you be interested in seeing such a thing?
You can continue to see the thread if you would like, but at your own risk if you don’t plan on spoiling the mini-game part of Uncharted 4 😉
Source: NeoGAF (SpaceCat)

One thought on “SpaceCat teasing a Crash Twinsanity documentary?

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