[SPOILERS] There’s more to Uncharted 4 than you have ever broken any crates!

Warning: This post contains a spoiler from the game, and it is already in the hands of few players, so be warned about other types of spoilers that you may find online


Anyways, I’m just gonna let whoever wrote the article about this easter egg speak to you readers about this: (As in, blatantly copied directly from the article :V)






Are you prepared?


No, seriously, I consider this a spoiler, not because it is not related to the story, but because ND said that they took this out of the game 10 months ago (Unless they really do in a patch)

Here goes nothing…

I have to say this easter egg is by far the most elaborate one in a game… ever. During one of the very early cutscenes in Uncharted 4, you challenge Elena to beat her high score on the “TV game thing” as Nate puts it. Then a PS1 can be seen complete with the intro, and Crash Bandicoot boots up on the screen.

You then actually play a level of Crash Bandicoot, and have to try and beat Elena’s score. You have three chances to beat Elena’s score. If you lose all three lives then you are mocked by Elena. We don’t want to spoil too much about this great easter egg so we will just post screenshots rather than a video. Enjoy!

Images from the article:

Source: ThisGenGaming


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