Crash Bandicoot Rumor(s) @ E3 2016 getting more base


Alright, maybe not exactly like the GIF implies…

But, here’s the thing:

A rumour about Sony Bend’s new console game, named Dead Don’t Ride, has been getting more and more legitimate, here is the proof:

(Ruin4r and maybe few others who knew from 2014 called out the new game in development from Bend)

Shinobi and few others (like in the GAF pic from gallery) recently started calling it out and garnered attention due to reputation when it comes to accuracy of rumors..

Those pictures also have few Crash hints as well, as you know, BruceLeeRoy, a reliable insider, has also hinted at the return of Crash multiple times, so by the Shawn T-shirt, NCEA (Even though it was debunked) and Activision TM/Domain updates and possibly the movie rumor, this comeback is getting more legitimate.

I have plans for a major video but it might not come out soon, but get ready for E3, we have a lot to be excited about!


One thought on “Crash Bandicoot Rumor(s) @ E3 2016 getting more base

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