CB Crystal’s Wrath Update: Regarding Hiatus and Future

(Video is from last update about two months ago)

Well, here’s the thing:

I have been kinda asking these questions:

What’s with the negativity? Why the crass attitude towards two people having fun making a fan game? Do you honestly think it is easy? Sure, complain about a model change all day, but they gave you the model for a fee to kinda help them…

But, there’s something else you should know..

The reason for the hiatus ever since the last video.

This is where JB goes to explain in full detail

Source: CBCrystalsWrath

(Click on read more if you are reading this from frontpage/archive)

Explanation copied from Tumblr post


We get asked a lot, and since I personally do not want to put up a facade of ‘everything is fine’ and yet do not want to let you believe that we have stopped making the game – because we are still working on it – I am posting on our Facebook TUMBLR page this morning with an update.

For transparency, and for honesty’s sake, here is the full reason for our silences over the last year.

The team for our game has expanded – beyond two members, but in the interest of privacy and vagueness for the rest of this explanation, we’ll leave the exact number and names secret for now. For those interested, Pat and JB (me) are still the leads, and still carry the majority workload.

With that in mind:

One member of the team has been dealing with a particularly tumultuous year, involving large-scale moves and changes (including three months of being completely removed from access to the game files), losses and illnesses in their family, and a lifelong history of numerous mental disorders revolving around depression and anxiety, which were of course exacerbated by the aforementioned problems. This person plays a big role in development and was rendered unable to work on the project due to these factors, but in the past year they have found themselves in a loving relationship that has allowed them to find more motivation, and have entered counseling, among other meaningful steps towards treatment, and things are looking up for them.

Other team members have dealt with their own difficulties as well, ranging in severity and specifics, but everyone has expressed interest in continuing, and with that in mind, we expect to resume work on the project in the next month and HOPE to be able to release *something* in the next few years.

Whether that ‘something’ is a demo or a full game will remain to be seen. We have no *real* timeframe for release, but we also are stubborn cunts and will refuse to cancel it, even in long stretches of inability to work on it.

But that being said, this will continue to be a hobby project for our team – Life outside of Crystal’s Wrath, and priorities, come first. Always and every time.

We ask for your support and understanding in this matter.

We also request that if you know someone dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders and illnesses, that you offer your support to them as well, and educate yourself on the symptoms and the difficulties they present. There are various phone numbers and websites you can access if you think anyone you know is in danger, or could simply use assistance or doesn’t know how to access the help they need, you can Google ‘mental health hotline’ and find the one most relevant to your issue.


PS. because I need this to not be entirely serious, Pat smells.

PPS. stop shitposting in our tumblr asks

PPPS. seriously stop


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