Article: Explanation on why Crash Bandicoot Returns was cancelled


Note: Although I did an article about this in 2012, I would like to reiterate the reasons in full details, provided thoroughly by the creator of the fan project, Lenox47.

Crash Bandicoot Returns was a fangame project being created in a small team, led mainly by Lenox47, it gained popularity among news sites and fans among us, but updates in few years latter in 2011-2012, led to the cancellation of the project, although briefly revived in 2013, it was still not enough to keep the project afloat.

I talked to Lenox47 via an email exchange about why it was fully cancelled, and here’s what he had to offer:

Hello Motwera,


I’m surprised that there is still activity around this project but it’s always nice to know that people are waiting for a new episode.


It is amusing that you wonder an explanation of the reasons that led me to cancel the project because this weekend I was just looking at my old projects, including Crash.


But to answer your question, the reasons were many. First lack of skills because my team was reduced and only one person was really active on the project, so that we finally were only two actually work on the project.

Moreover, we did not have the same approach to the game. As for me, I wanted to develop a true sequel worthy of the old episodes but never make plagiarism. At the same time, I do not move away too much of the original material as this would have distorted the Crash universe and I did not want to release a wanted Twinsanity 2 or Crash Bandicoot 4 (PS2).


I wanted to really get back to basics, that is the reason that pushed me to model the latest version of Crash known for this project. It was almost the same as the original on PS1 but with a big facelift. And it’s a little idea I had finally the project. I wanted to develop a universe similar to previous episodes but with the revival that does not distort the basic universe.


Unfortunately, despite hours and hours of work, the project could not continue, because we were only two team members, and given the scale of the project and the lack of integration skills entertainment, we were stuck. In fact, the project has naturally stopped because of this constraint that we have not were able to solve, not having received any outside help, to our regret.


However I often think get back. It would suffice to constitute a new team of at least 4 people, textures, animation, level design and a 3D modeler. Knowing that I can cover the level design and 3D modeling, there is a real possibility to carry out a full game. But without strong and motivated team, it’s very difficult to make a video game. Knowing that we could not even sell it later because we do not have the Crash Bandicoot license.


Still, I’d love to try the adventure with a strong team. And even if we can not sell it later, simply to pay tribute to this series and make a happy community of players, would be an honor and a pleasure. But it is an honor for me to have had the chance to be followed and supported by a community of more than 150,000 people for several months and have had the privilege to talk with Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin, the creators of the series.


So yes, the project is indeed canceled, but I have not said my last word. I think one day when I have more free time outside my real job and I would have the chance to form a new team, I would take the project forward and would conduct.
That’s basically the story of the project. Thank you to you for asking me. And sorry for my bad english!


If you have other questions, do not hesitate. I am always available by email.

Have a nice day.
The last status given for the project was sorta being given of a new direction, as he said, there was some complications and different perspectives over how the project should go.
You can watch the last bits of assets from the status below:
Crash Bandicoot Returns – Animations WIP – Mod DB

New area for the first level

New area for the first level

So, if you are sad by the cancellation of the project, he gets it, he wanted to make you a great homage to the series and let you play it when done, unfortunately, he had issues and had to stop it, which sucks to be honest.

Thank you for spending the time on this article.



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