[Updated] NECA director of product development says Sony is bringing back Crash Bandicoot

Update: well, we got some slightly bad news:

[UPDATE] A representative for NECA told GameSpot today that the company is not in fact producing new Crash figures, at least not right now.

“It’s not the case,” the rep said. “Someone has misunderstood a comment he made. Randy saw a faked fan-made image right before he came to the show and said that if the game were coming back, we’d love to do figures.”

via Gamespot

Well, at Toy Fair 2016, this came up:

After Dan compliments the Kratos figure, Falk continues: “Yeah, that’s one we wanted to do way back when, and finally, we’ve been able to get back in with Sony and get some of that stuff out. And looking at some of their other titles, I see they’re bringing Crash Bandicoot back, which is really cool. There’s some great stuff there.

The big news are coming at E3 2016, and its going to be a big partnership.

Via: Gemastu


7 thoughts on “[Updated] NECA director of product development says Sony is bringing back Crash Bandicoot

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