Todd’s Crash Bandicoot. RE-bandi-BOOT (Fan creation)

This is… actually pretty cool
But I am worried that it could really throw off so many fans, if we were assuming that a hypothetical reboot scenario like this… See COTT

Everything Rhymes with Orange.


i LOVED Crash Bandicoot. i absolutely fucking loved that hyperactive marsupial, with every fibre of my being.

i played a lot of games before i played the original Crash game, and i liked them; i played a LOT of the Quest games (be it Space, or King’s) and had a blast, i liked Super Mario Brothers, i enjoyed playing Super Metroid, i will never forget Marathon 2, and Jazz Jackrabbit will always have a place in my game-heart, but i can state unequivocally that i god damn adored Crash Bandicoot.
The game had the wacky humour of an early Looney Tunes cartoon, the colour and style of some kind of terminal sugar-high inducing cereal box art, and hyper-kinetic playing mechanics that emphasised being in control of a technicolour, ADHD wrecking ball. I just got Crash, you know, i understood him. I can’t possibly tell you how many times i’ve seen a crate and…

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