Crash Mania: Top 10 weirdest moments in the Crash series [LINK]

In a series filled to the brim with deranged scientists and lunatic animals (sprinkled with some voodoo for good measure), it’s a given that we’re playing games that aren’t exactly normal. For the most part, Crash Bandicoot games do make sense despite the oddball cast and adventures that are out of this world (both figuratively and sometimes literally), but there have still been a few moments that could be considered weird even by Crash standards.

Keep in mind that this page will contain spoilers for a bunch of games, so if you’d like to experience all of the oddities firsthand, avert your gaze right now. With that out of the way, let’s dive into 10 of the most notable examples of when things get strange or come out of left field. Let’s get nonsensical. Let’s getweird.

See the page for the actual list 😛


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