[Editorial] General Misconception: Release Date vs Completion Date


It almost always caught my attention that most ot many people do not the actual date of release for the Original Crash Bandicoot, but are they really to blame?

Let us see why most people have this misconception:

  • Release Date: it varies around regions globally, it is done after the game is done, usually, people associate the 1st release in North America or Japan as its anniversary

  • Completion Date: sometimes, some people associate the “going gold” date with the anniversary dates of a certain series, that is in this case, Crash, generally, most websites have accepted that 31st August 1996 is the date that the series should be celeberated each year, because it is misunderstood as the release date (Anybody can look up the history of the series and see that August 1996 is when the game was completed development, not released to the public)

Finally, I would like to say that even the original creators and producers of the original game restate that the game was released on 9th of September 1996, the North American date..


One thought on “[Editorial] General Misconception: Release Date vs Completion Date

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