Concerning the recent drama about a petition (Crash for Skylanders)


MAJOR UPDATE:The impossible happened, Crash Bandicoot is coming as a guest (PS3/4 Exclusive) Starter Pack to Skylanders Imaginators

Recently, there has been many upset people about someone who has ‘may or may not’ been rude but rather arrogant and defensive towards his Petition that would supposedly allow us to express our so-called opinions to bring Crash into Skylanders, in which I explained in 2 MAIN POSTS that it would never ever happen in a lifetime (Thankfully, if we would wait for so long for a game, I would rather have see fans make a game, or just flat out have some more encouragement to not let Activision yet again, underestimate the popularity of Crash, just because many think it wouldn’t make them cash, due to their terrible marketing) (READ: Not everybody knows about the recent crash games, but many know about the new Skylanders games)

And once again, let me quote them again for you just for the sake of it:



There was a wild card in Toys for Bob’s planning. Following Activision’s merger with Vivendi in 2008, the new company had acquired a hatful of old gaming franchises. Nervous about the prospect of launching an entirely new IP, Activision invited Toys for Bob to take its pick of any of the properties that were available.

With the Skylanders concept vaguely in mind, they chose Spyro, a purple dragon who had been the star of some well-regarded Insomniac actions adventures in the 1990s, followed by sequels and spin-offs in the following decade that attracted mixed reviews.


Certainly, by the time Ford and Reiche selected Spyro, the dragon was well past its prime, and there wasn’t much in the way of online demand for a return. But the team saw the creature’s potential. “A cute little fire breathing dragon was pretty awesome for us,” says Reiche. “He is a solid character. He had a good name.”

The choice was based on commercial and presentation calculations. Toys for Bob and Activision were worried that retail and media wouldn’t really get their new idea. A hook was required, something familiar. The first game was called Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Today, Reiche credits Spyro with a lot of the franchise’s subsequent success.

“It was a foot in the door for the press and for consumers because it was something that they could relate to,” he says. “Spyro’s world also defined a level of humor and silliness that was part of what Skylanders stands for. Spyro gave us that.”

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure was branded as a reboot for the dragon. But the magic was in the toys.

Yes, that was based on the fact that they were hired to fix what was called “Spyro’s Kingdom”, which was totally different from what Skylanders is today, take a look at this video:

Bottom Side (Heilos Interactive)/Upper Side (Toys for Bob):

Vicarious Visions (METRO):

GC: Oh, and is there anything you can say about Crash Bandicoot?

GB: [laughs] You’re talking about that photo with the poster on the wall?

GC: Yeah, I think there was some speculation you might be working on a reboot for Crash?

GB: Well, there’s nothing for me to say about Crash Bandicoot. [laughs] I mean I love the games, we’ve made some of the party games…

GC: Is there any reason why he couldn’t appear in a Skylanders game?

GB: Well, Crash Bandicoot is a very different personality to Spyro…

GC: But if I was Activision and I wanted to bring back Crash Bandicoot I would’ve thought a cameo in Skylanders would be a pretty good start.

GB: I think the best way to think about that is the same question you asked about Transformers and Spider-Man. Because the way I think about it personally is that Crash Bandicoot is a great IP, that’s had great game experiences in the past, but it’s very different than what Skylanders is today. That’s the way I think about it.

GC: Thank you, that’s great.


My convo with Fred Ford:Me: “Hey Mr. Ford, I and many people are fans of your work. What you and Toys For Bob have done with Skylanders is amazing!”

Fred: “Thanks Jacob, we always appreciate fan feedback”

Me: “And I appreciate actually getting a response from an industry revolutionist, haha.”

Me: “So, the whole point of these messages was to ask a question that is burning inside of me. Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders?”

Fred: “Well, we thought about that back during “Spyro’s Adventure” but we figured not to, but to actually see a fan reaching out for the idea does kind of bring it to the table.”

Me: “Cool, cause I just want Crash to return I miss him so much, and I figured he’d fit so well in Skylanders, what with the goofy character designs and overall atmosphere.”

Fred: “Yeah, we here at TfB appreciate a good old race on Crash Cove in CTR once in a while.”

Me: “Cool!, Thanks for talking with me!”

Fred: “Anytime.”

Does this mean Crash may actually make it into Skylanders?
“…does kind of bring it to the table.”


So, in a nutshell:

TOYS FOR BOB/Fred: They felt that Spyro financially and inherently fitted their vision for Skylanders, rather than trying to bring Crash into it.

Or: “Well, we thought about that back during “Spyro’s Adventure” but we figured not to, but to actually see a fan reaching out for the idea does kind of bring it to the table.”


Vicarious Visions: Crash just does not fit the Skylanders Universe, because it is very different.



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