[MAJOR UPDATE] Crash isn’t and will never be a “Skylanders” toy, ever.


MAJOR UPDATE: The impossible happened, Crash Bandicoot is coming as a guest (PS3/4 Exclusive) Starter Pack to Skylanders Imaginators

Hey, hear that whining of fanboys complaining over this picture, saying he is going to be a “Skylander“?

Well, VV themselves debunked this thankfully, unfortunately, no new Crash game has been confirmed..

Quoting this interview from Metro, about the new Skylanders: Swap Force today, they were asked about the picture that was in their FB album, they said “Its nothing…Crash is different in personality”

GC: Oh, and is there anything you can say about Crash Bandicoot?

GB: [laughs] You’re talking about that photo with the poster on the wall?

GC: Yeah, I think there was some speculation you might be working on a reboot for Crash?

GB: Well, there’s nothing for me to say about Crash Bandicoot. [laughs] I mean I love the games, we’ve made some of the party games…

GC: Is there any reason why he couldn’t appear in a Skylanders game?

GB: Well, Crash Bandicoot is a very different personality to Spyro…

GC: But if I was Activision and I wanted to bring back Crash Bandicoot I would’ve thought a cameo in Skylanders would be a pretty good start.

GB: I think the best way to think about that is the same question you asked about Transformers and Spider-Man. Because the way I think about it personally is that Crash Bandicoot is a great IP, that’s had great game experiences in the past, but it’s very different than what Skylanders is today. That’s the way I think about it.

GC: Thank you, that’s great.

Oh, and I can tell you that Toys for Bob also back when they were choosing which series will be what resulted as “Skylanders” between Crash and Spyro, they choose Spyro and let Radical Ent. Develop Crash Landed (Which is the cancelled 2010 game, along with the CTR 2010 game)

Metro News via CM Forums


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