Bring Back Bandicoot Operation!


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Okay, so we got some really good news to share and make this as popular as the Megaman Legends 3 petition!

One of the most popular Animation news website “Animation Nation” and an Artist who worked on classic Crash bandicoot games are now sharing and promoting the great operation of Bring Back Bandicoot, which is operated by CM Forums!

We have to share their links and our article to expand this operation in order to save the bandicoot and get our voices heard!

Bring as much people as you can to bring awareness to the mainstream about reviving Crash bandicoot and Getting Activision or any other company to do so! SIGN THE PETITION AND SHARE IT NOW!

Official Did you know videos:

Here are their links to their article:

Their forums discussion:

Link to BBB operation petition:

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YouTube Channel (Subscribe!):



5 thoughts on “Bring Back Bandicoot Operation!

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  4. Guys, here’s an idea. There should be a Crash Bandicoot collection, staring Crash 1, 2, 3, and possibly wrath of cortex. It’s so simple and cool for everyone, especially for the people who like Crash’s old school days. It’s a great and reasonable idea; Because 1, it brings back Crash’s old games into this generation of playstation, mainly the ps3. 2, other gaming icons has a lot of collection games; Like Sly, God of War, Worms (Which sucks, and I didn’t even know that guy or play his games.), Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and now Kingdom Hearts ! If those guys can make the best- ok scratch that, MOSTLY the best collection games of some playstation heroes, then they can make a Crash Bandicoot collection. If they make that game, it will sell like hot cakes ! I heard rumors about the same idea that I’m talking about now. Some say the game will exist and will come out this fall. Others say it will never see the light day, but I HIGHLY hope it will come out this fall. So still, either they’re gonna’ make/release the game this fall or let them waste their time and straining their brains and thoughts on making a new Crash Bandicoot game; If they did, no more racing games, and God knows no more party games, now those couple of party games sucked horribly ! So still, lets all hope that the Crash Collection’s real and comes out this fall.

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